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Steven Brown

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Phone: +1 (800) 456 7890
Email: [email protected]


This shops was so cool and very welcoming. Daron James is a great artist, owns the shop, and has so much experience that he makes the piercing process smooth, safe and honestly kinda fun. He’s a good guy with a great attitude and an even better piercing shop. This place is great!

Delilah Mills

Extremely happy with my experience at Diamond Thieves. Jarret walked me through the entire design and allowed me to tweak the original drawing several times to get it where I wanted it. He made the tattoo look even better completed then the drawing. High recommend the shop and most importantly Jarret. Will be back.

Cory Justus

I have received numerous piercings and tattoos from this place (nostril, lip, septum and 2 large tattoos) and I have had a good experience everytime. They do a great job and I leave very happy each time. I definitely recommend this place.

Bethany Sutton

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